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Sofia Kim

Blooming Cosmetics, Los Angeles, CA

We have been carrying Cinq Mondes since 2013 and it gradually established a favorable reputation from our customers. Cinq Mondes promotes well-being with organic products and a variety of body care products as spa brand. The Beldi Black Soap and Kassa Glove from the body line greatly appealed to our customers and became one of our best sellers. Our clients also love the Five Flowers Micellar Water and we can’t seem to keep it in stock. The best part is that the prices are very competitive and the quality is superb.

Pala Casino Spa, Pala, CA

We’ve been offering Cinq Mondes treatments and products at Pala Spa for over 3 years now and we absolutely love it! We receive rave reviews from our guests and our spa team about how Cinq Mondes has changed their skin in such a positive way. Cinq Mondes offers a variety of truly unique and beneficial products that you’ll find yourself wanting to try them all! From the Sublime Light Serum, the Five Flowers Micellar Cleansing Water and the Sublime Scrub are just a few of our top selling favorites.

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Lemaje Skincare, Beverly Hills, CA

We have been using Cinq Mondes for almost four years. This line has a lot of amazing and very effective products. Our team and clients especially love the Five Flowers Micellar Water, Precious Cream and Concentrate, Infinity Cream, and the 7 Chinese Plants Eye Contour Ointment. We also adore the Beldi Black Soap and Sumptuous Dry Body Oil from the body line. We’ve loved working with Cinq Mondes and continue to see only positive results and feedback from our clients. Thank you Cinq Mondes!

Lukaro, Beverly Hills, CA

So many reasons come to mind when thinking about our love of Cinq Mondes. We love the authenticity of the ingredients; essentials that go into rituals from around the world that we get to experience in our every day regimen. Cinq Mondes is not only a superlative skin care line, the scents are natural and intoxicating.

Cyndi Karimi & Lana Barra
Cyndi Karimi & Lana Barra
April Yue
April Yue

Ann Karen Spa, Arcadia, CA

There are so many beauty brands to discover and Cinq Mondes is one of them. What we love about Cinq Mondes is that they have guidelines and protocols. The products are natural and organic and are tested under strict dermatologic environments. The Sumptuous Dry Body Oil is our favorite. It is a spray and very convenient to use, the scent is wonderful as well. It gives your skin a very silky and nourishing effect without leaving it greasy. We recommend Cinq Mondes to all our clients at the spa.



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Cinq Mondes

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