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A whirlwind of sensations swathed in the most spellbinding of settings

Named "the greatest meeting of land and water in the world" and "the crown jewel of California", Carmel with its cypress scented air and white sand is disarmingly beautiful. The Spa is the most intimate boutique of day spas with an “East meets Ouest” fusionist allure and 7 ritual rooms emblazoned to Cinq Mondes riches -tiaré, kunaigrass, kemiri, pagoda tree, frangipani tamanu and gaïacwood.
It also offers a Japanese suite with an O'furo tub, an authentically reenacted "Hammam Casablanca", a transitional "Hammam 5 Saisons" and a chromatherapy cocoon room.

118 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel, CA 93923
831 625 4410

Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Japanese Flower Bath Ceremony with Aromas and Watercolors (20min* - 40$)
Have a vision. Utter relaxation awaits you with Japan’s centennial tradition of bathing, cultivated to restore physical and mental harmony. In silence. Immerse in the O’Furo, a Japanese piece of art of complex simplicity, handcrafted of cedar and filled with hot mending water and sprinkled fresh flower petals. With felicity. Choose among five watercolored aromatic opuses and discover the Japanese “Ki” energetic method of Oriental Medicine. With dazzlement. Reach a state of self-realization.

5 Seasons Hammam Ceremony with Aroma-Color Therapy (20min* - 35$)
Have a vision. A wholesome body and heart Hammam ceremony with sensory and color therapy, created around the 5 Seasons of the 5 Chinese Elements. Breathe in. Inhale exhilarating and fragrant, hot milkysteam and waves of colored light. In Silence. Revel in a liberating remembrance engraved in your childhood memory. A moment of pure solace and wellness. With felicity. Savor an aroma-color shower. With dazzlement. Feel a new energy and sense of purity inside and out.

* Japanese Bath and 5 Seasons Hammam Ceremonial and Body Scrub Preparatory Rituals are only sold in combination with : a Face Treatment / a Body Primary Treatment / a Body Massage.


Refining Aromatic Scrub with Rare Spices and Flower of Salt (50min - 70/75$*)
The very first recipe ever created by CINQ MONDES rewarded with multi Oscars. This re-creation of the Javanese Boreh offers a purified body free of aches, wholesome energy and the most vibrant skin tone you could ever dreamed of! Fill your lungs with the aromatic opus of sweet musky patchouli and nutmeg.

Purifying Scrub with Beldi Black Soap and Kassa Glove (50min - 70/75$*)
Be hypnotized by this 2nd step of the Moroccan Hammam tradition featuring the Beldi black soap, a centennial recipe with the most spellbinding scent. Used with an authentic vegetal Kassa glove, your body will awaken with a level of purity and an infusion of satin-smooth care, you never knew may exist!

Polishing Scrub with Papaya Purée (50min - 70/75$*)
A rapturous scrub with warming guaiac wood essence blended into a papaya purée of lovely tangerine color. As you watch your new, supple, pristinely buffed and luminously radiant skin, you emerge full of wisdom, refreshed with a transcending scent attached to a blissful remembering.

Smoothing Sublime Scrub with Noni and Monoi de Tahiti (50min - 70/75$*)
Indulge your body in the most nurturing scrub with entrancing flowers and fruits from the magnificent French Polynesian Archipelagos. A bliss-inducing, cocooning session that rejuvenates the skin and renews the spirit. Take a deep breath and find yourself bewitched by a tender sweet aroma.

*75$ with Japanese Flower Bath Ceremony – 70$ with 5 Seasons Hammam Ceremony


Prodigious Global Anti-Age Hand and Foot Mask (15$)
With Pure Cotton Gloves and Slippers
Using remedial actives of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia that lighten and prevent pigmentation spots, CINQ MONDES has recreated two century old formulas. Both intensely rejuvenate and repair. These genial, deep penetrating and transforming masks may be added to any facial.

Bali Flowers Express Radiance Facial (25min* - 40$)
This captured beauty treatment is an instant, splendid and comforting veil of sheer radiance for the
complexion. Its allure lies in a centennial Indonesian ritual that cascades like a symphony across your face, nape, and scalp. This is skin purity and vibrancy rolled seamlessly into one using the proven skin therapy properties of Balinese flowers.

5 Flowers Illuminescence Facial (60min - 110$)
Based on a royal Balinese tradition, this is an intensely brightening and restoring facial. It hinges on a synergetic cleansing process that is bolstered by an infusion of 5 glow-enhancing flowers as well as Kombushka. All magnify their respective powers to unveil a complexion that brims with spectacular, visible luminosity that glows from within.

Bali Flowers and Fruits Skin Renewal Facial (60min - 120$)
This facial begins with a skin purifying treatment with an energetic pinching technique. It positively Rises to excellence in skin smoothness and suppleness by utilizing a dual exfoliation. First, is a skin refiner, followed by a safe resurfacing fruit peel.The complexion awakens to a dramatic youthful transformation and the most dewy-fresh skin.

Ko Bi Do Lifting and Plumping “Fountain of Youth” Facial (60min – 150$)
This Ko Bi Do facial delivers the ultimate luxurious visible lift, while filling-in and smoothing wrinkles. Imagine a superbly executed holistic ritual and a boisterous panoply of high potency exotic actives. This facial is one of the most concrete anti-aging alternative solutions to invasive treatments. Your complexion and forgotten neckline are youthfully metamorphosed with velvety-soft, firmer, plumper, smoother and brighter skin.

Ko Bi Do Global Anti-Age “Fountain of Youth” Facial (90min – 190$)
At the precise balancing point of dream and harmony is timeless beauty. This extraordinarily rejuvenating facial is an anti-age masterpiece, that covers the full spectrum of aging signs. It visibly defies wrinkles, lacklustre tone, age spots, loss of resiliency and firmness. In addition to the face, anti-age care is given to the eye contour, neckline and the arms. The symbiosis of an astonishing massage with nature’s most secret ingredients, radically rekindles skin’s youth.

* Bali Flowers Express Radiance is only sold in combination with: a Japanese Bath, a 5 Seasons Hammam or a Moroccan Hammam /a Body Preparatory Scrub, Primary Treatment or Massage


TRADITIONAL Casablanca Hammam Ritual with Aroma-Color (30min – 40$)
In silence. Enter the Casablanca Hammam. With rapture. Treat your hair to a flower mask. At peace.
Apply a Syrian grapefruit face mask. With serenity. Walk into a steamy bath and fill your lungs with an aromatic opus. Open your eyes. Drink in the color through your eyes. Continue inhaling. Purify your body with the spellbinding Beldi black soap. With kindness. Buff delicately your limbs with a Kassa glove. With felicity. Let a rainfall dance on your whole body. Cheerfully. Satin your skin with prodigiously scented sumptuous Moroccan argan oil.

GRAND Casablanca Hammam Ritual with Aroma-Color (45min – 70$)
TRADITIONAL RITUAL with 15 min. Body and Face cajoling with aromatized guaiac wood firming Melting Balm and jasmine rejuvenating Precious Elixir.

MAJESTIC Casablanca Hammam Ritual with Aroma-Color (60min – 95$)
GRAND RITUAL with 15 min. HEALING-COLOR CHAMBER Ceremony. Calmly. Proceed to the HEALING-COLOR CHAMBER. Your hostess will welcome you with your choice of a petal rain mist of enlivening orange blossoms or soothing roses. In total surrender. Withdraw into your inner self, laying down in a cozy bed layered with soft Egyptian cotton. Savour an authentic Moroccan secret tea recipe. In nirvana. Be hypnotized by the diffused amethyst color that travels through you. Serenity and plenitude now envelop you. With relish. Your extremities are being served to a divine massage.

The 5 Rituals of the Hammam Treatment Tradition (60min – 125$)
Delve into the heart of the Moroccan Hammam ancestral tradition. As your mind still dreams of the
golden sandy dunes of the Sahara desert, your body contours exude visible and sensual beauty, while your spirit comes upon the epitome of tranquility
- Aroma Steam Bath Cleansing with Cinq Mondes exclusive 5 aroma-color-element therapy
- Purifying Exfoliation with Beldi® black soap and Kassa glove
- Detoxifying and Firming with an ancient and recovered rhassoul clay creamy recipe with distinct and warm essences
- Nourishing and Silkening with the sacred and sumptuous argan oil with absolutely addictive light peppery notes
- Refreshing and Toning Hydration with tangy flower petals infused rain mist


Moroccan Mending Massage (60min – 110$)
Listen to your body. Regale yourself to the most decadently enjoyable prelude with an effleurage of
orange blossom infusion. The expert hands of the massage therapist work your tender knots and tension by following the muscular mapping of your body. With felicity. Fill your lungs to the bewitching scent of warm argan oil. Smile inside. Cherish a feeling of heaven on earth massage that eradicates toxins and muscle aches while condoning a state of inner-tranquility.

Polynesian Long Stroke Massage (60min – 110$)
Listen to your body. Regale yourself to the most decadently enjoyable prelude with an effleurage of orange blossom infusion. Prepare for a massage inherited from French Polynesian’s healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, using deep pressure from the therapist’s forearms with long uninterrupted, connected and genially endless passing. With felicity. Enjoy greatness in peace with a lusciously rich replenishing balm, Smile inside. Embrace this spell of instant relief, restored energy and long-lasting euphoric remembrance.

Ayurvedic Tonifying Massage (60min – 110$)
Listen to your body. Regale yourself to the most decadently enjoyable prelude with an effleurage of rose petals infusion. Revel in the rhythmic sequence of invigorating and soothing strokes of an ancestral massage, rooted in ancestral Indian medical Ayurvedic practice. With felicity. Inhale the sensual opus of cardamom that will evoke images of rich colors, candlelight and intrigue. Feel the warmth of skin softening hot oils and melt-in balm. Smile inside. Feel your muscles jubilating. A genuine art of living massage. Anticipate a sound night’s sleep.


Udvartana Anti-Cellulite body silhouetting treatment (5 sessions series of 60min – 650$)
A thousand-year-old Indian body ritual to help fight cellulite on the legs, hips and arms while
promoting energy flow. It is one of the first stages of the Pancha Karma 5 purifying steps. It works
on the legs, stomach and arms. It is preceded by a Boreh scrub with spices and flower of salt to free
the cells from dead cells, activate blood circulation and permit an active deep penetration of the
Uldvartana slimming recipes. Next are a warming Udvartana chickpea body wrap known for its fat
absorption followed by a targeted Udvartana recipe -made of Indian Gooseberries, Chai Hu herb,
Caffeine and Ginger- massage treatment. The ritual concludes with a deep reaching lymphatic
drainage leg treatment using a concoction of bamboo, camphor and arnica.
118 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel, CA 93923
831 625 4410

Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Your arrival has been scheduled 15 min. before the start of your treatment for us to regale you with our greeting celebration. First and foremost, you will discover our “PALAIS DES THÉS” Tea Ceremony ritual. You will savor the most extraordinary and freshest teas from China, India, Japan, Sri Lanka, Morocco... Lastly and without any stressful rush, you will have the opportunity to shareyour confidential annotations for our therapist to oblige in tailoring for you the most sybariticand nirvana-esque voyage across 5 continents according to your desires and unique needs. In the event of a late arrival, your allotted service time may regrettably not be extendable.

A credit card is needed for all appointments at the SPA. Should you be forced to cancel your scheduled reservation with a therapist, please notify us no less than 48 hours prior. Any cancellation made within 48 hours, shall be fully charged or deducted from the Gift Certificate or Club Membership Card. Regrettably, this rule is necessitated, even in case of ill-fated emergency, out of consideration for your dedicated therapist, whom you may appreciate would directly suffer by not disposing of sufficient time to re-allocate your secured time with another guest.

The best treatments come with honest, open communication with your therapist. Alert your therapist if you are pregnant, have personal injuries, use Retin-A, Accutane, Renova or any photosensitizing or keratolytic medications or have had recent laser or plastic surgery. The presence of children is only permitted to receive services in presence of a parent.

CINQ MONDES SPA PARIS offers gift certificates for services or retail products exclusively. Please kindly be advised that the remittance of the actual certificates is unequivocally mandatory to redeem the gift. This rule shall apply to both lost or stolen cards. We would greatly feel obligated to you for informing the recipients of your gesture of this policy, for them not to be deprived of our sincere pleasure to invite them to discover the fascinating five worlds of CINQ MONDES.

CINQ MONDES SPA PARIS disclaims all liability for the loss or disappearance of personal belonging sas well as reserving the right to deny services.

Your attention is much appreciated regarding our home retail collection policy. Unopened products may be exchanged or returned within 2 weeks from the day of purchase. Products bought after receiving a home trial sample are not returnable. Opened products are solely returnable within 48 hour of the day of purchase.


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