3-minute Phyto-Peeling Gel Mask

(Bali's Ritual, Indonesia)


1.7 fl.oz.

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1 Patented Active Ingredient

In only 3 minutes, this fresh, enzymatic gel mask with natural fruit (AHAs) and Glycolic acids will gently exfoliate skin for a glowing, more youthful and radiant complexion!

Based on a traditional beauty recipe from Bali, this fluid gel is a quick weekly solution for all skin types, providing a gentle, but deep exfoliation that smooths fine lines, tightens the pores and leaves the complexion radiant.

Glycolic Acid- gently exfoliates to reveal younger, brighter skin.

Natural Fruit AHAs- from Lemon, Orange, Blueberry and Cane Sugar- gently exfoliate and increase cell renewal, for clear and youthful skin

Kombuchka®- derived from fermented black tea, improves skin radiance

Avena Sativa®- a natural “skin tensor”, derived from Oats to tighten the skin reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Proven results after 1 application:

86%* of users noticed improved radiance, smoother skin texture and tighter pores.*

*Percentage satisfaction achieved by independent laboratory testing involving 21 women
Active Ingredient | Aromatic Concentrate
  • Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic Acid

    Glycolic Acid :

    Glycolic Acid is the smallest of the α-hydroxy acids (AHAs). It boosts the production of dermal GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans), the main one being Hyaluronic Acid, and acts on the fibers responsible for tissue support and elasticity especially by stimulating the production of collagen. After application, glycolic acid reacts with the upper layer of the epidermis, eliminating it to reveal younger, toned and radiant skin.

  • Natural fruit acids

    Natural fruit acids

    Natural fruit acids :

    AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) are exfoliants. They weaken the cohesion of lower epidermal cells, increasing desquamation and, consequently, accelerate cell renewal. Thanks to their hygroscopic power, they also have an effect on skin hydration and increase elasticity of the stratum corneum. Moreover, they stimulate the biosynthesis of dermal glycosaminoglycans and the production of collagen.

  • Avena Sativa

    Avena Sativa

    Avena Sativa :

    PATENTED ACTIVE INGREDIENT - 100% natural, sugar-based skin tensor, Avena Sativa is a purified fraction of natural polysaccharides (sugar) obtained from organically-grown oats. Oats originate from China where they were used over 200 years before Christ for their antioxidant and protective properties that prevent skin aging. By encouraging multiple interactions between sugar chains and intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum of the epidermis, Avena Sativa adheres to the skin surface to form an organic cohesive and continuous film that produces an immediate and visible tightening effect.

  • Kombuchka


    Kombuchka :

    Kombucha, also referred to as the "long life mushroom", comes from the fermentation of black tea. A biotechnological product, Kombuchka® is a highly concentrated multi-active tea ingredient that naturally contains AHAs, Vitamins and Polyphenols. Kombuchka® enables adipocytes in subcutaneous adipose tissue to be stimulated and expanded; it inhibits protein glycation and so slows cell aging, boosts volume to areas that need it, improves the skin’s surface by making it smoother, brighter and more radiant.

  • Hesperides


    Hesperides :

    The citrus fruit family - lemon, orange, grapefruit, bergamot - from which essential oil is extracted from the peel.

  • Ylang-Ylang


    Ylang-Ylang :

    Flower extracted Ylang-Ylang essential oil plays a role in balancing sebum secretions by eliminating excess sebum production.

  • Vetiver


    Vetiver :

    The vetiver root provides a very thick resinous essence that is used in the perfume industry. Its essence is both fragrant and complex, with its woody and aromatic verdancy, sometimes with slightly woody notes.



Once or twice a week, apply over the face avoiding the eye contour area. Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse using gentle massage movements. You will notice a slight tingling, warming sensation-this is normal. For best results, add the Phyto-Peeling Lotion to normal routine also.

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