Cellulite affects 90% of women, regardless of their morphology. Cellulite can be aqueous (water retention) or adipose (over-storage of lipids) and leads to sagging tissue and deterioration in skin appearance. Cinq Mondes has developed slimming products adapted to these different issues: opt for a draining or anti-dimpling cream, or choose Phyto-Tonic Oil and its fine texture to regain smooth, toned skin.

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Slimming Coffee Cream

Slimming Coffee Cream

(Bahia’s Ritual, Brazil)

$59.00  | 150 ml

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Phyto-Tonic Oil

To make sure your skin is ready when the nice weather arrives, opt for this dry oil packed with sensory appeal - it not only smoothes and firms the skin, it also prevents cutaneous drying. Apply morning and evening, this 2-in-1 product will naturally enhance your skin. Sun-kissed sand, here I come!




This Personalized Diagnosis enables you to take advantage of our Spa Practitioners’ recommendations so that you find the treatments and products that best suit your requirements.


Cinq Mondes Natural

Laboratory Guidelines

Cinq Mondes products are inspired from beauty traditions of the world and are formulated under the control of a Pharmacy PhD.

  • 1 | Selection of organic or natural ingredients
  • 2 | Without paraben nor phénoxyéthanol
  • 3 | Without silicone nor mineral oil
  • 4 | Without artificial colouring
  • 5 | Tested under dermatological control